Appointed Representatives

Miss American Teen provides a great pageantry experience for the modern American girl on her way to success.  We help young women and girls build confidence, learn valuable skills and network with other powerful teens who are making a difference in their lives.

The process for applying is simple:

  1. Complete the online registration form (see "Apply Now" button) and pay the national application fee, $50.  Please review the costs of participation in the National Pageant prior to applying; just click here

  2. Complete the Delegate profile online, including the Year of Service platform. Please be specific in your responses.

  3. Upload a headshot photo of yourself.  Be sure the photo is clear with good lighting. Remember, photos should be representative of you and will be scored by our judges, including grooming.

  4. After submitting your Appointed Title registration and delegate profile, book an appointment time for your phone interview.  This is a friendly interview to get to know you and what you want to accomplish.

  5. Your application will be reviewed by our selection committee and decisions will be made within a few days.

  6. If selected to be the State queen for your division, you will compete for the National Title for your division.  If the State queen has already been selected for your state, you may be offered a position as a Regional queen and eligible to compete for the National Title for your division.  Once you have been officially assigned a title for the National Pageant, go back to our online delegate booking page and select, "MATC Nationals Registration,"  to pay the Sponsorship Fee balance of $200.  

  7. Delegates risk forfeiting the State title for the judges' next choice if they have not paid their National Sponsorship Fees within two (2) weeks of acceptance. Registration in the National Pageant is not complete until all fees are paid.

  8. If there is a need to postpone the National Pageant (such as for Corona Virus or other national emergency), you will receive full credit of payments made that can be used at the re-scheduled (or subsequent) pageant. Refunds will be issued according to our written refund policy should we need to cancel the pageant.

**Delegates who live in states which have an authorized state pageant may apply to represent another state to which they have personal ties. American citizens living abroad my apply for their home state title, or a country title.

Available Titles:  Miss American Jr. Teen, Miss American Teen, Miss American Collegiate, Miss All-American.  

Please refer to Delegate Handbook for available Optional competitions.

Appointed Representative Program

Nationals:  July 25-26, 2020

Location:  Miami, Florida

Sponsorship Fee:  $250

Crown/Sash Fee:  $130

 National Director:  Betty Davis Reliford

(305) 859-1088


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