To prepare for Nationals, all prospective delegates should prepare a budget to include both their fees and other costs of participation.  To assist with planning, please take the following items into account.  Note that individual circumstances vary and this list may not be all-inclusive. 

Sponsorship Fee$850 (Sr. Division Only), includes:

  • State/Regional crown and sash

  • All mandatory areas of competition

  • Cover Model optional competition

  • Model casting registration

  • One page ad in national program book (except Jr. Division)

  • Ad design fee

  • Event t-shirt

  • Welcome Party

  • Delegate Swag Bag

  • Activity Fee (Museum visit and Boat Cruise)

  • Onstage competition Photography package

  • Pageant Preliminary and Finals tickets for one parent or adult chaperon

  • Scholarship Fund contribution for division

Other Pageant-related expenses

  • Delegate hotel room with parent or chaperon (if delegate under 18). 

  • Travel to the venue and local travel. Note: free local transportation is available in Downtown Miami via the local Metromover (mini train).

  • Meals (except Welcome Party). 

  • Opening Number Attire, all delegates will be required to purchase one outfit, the cost of which is TBD.  Budget $90-$150.

  • Headshot photography for Program Book ad and model casting photos.  Your choice of photographer, ask if you need recommendations.

  • Styling of hair and makeup to cover competitions and major activities.  We authorize hair and makeup vendors to offer their professional styling services to delegates. Fees are determined by the vendors.

Getting Sponsors To Help With Expenses

Sponsors can help defray the cost of your participation, and it is a tax-deductible advertising expense for businesses. Tax-deductible donations can also be made by individuals and businesses to your pageant account with us as we are an IRS recognized non-profit organization.  Once you sign-up, you can download a copy of our publication, "2020 Delegate Sponsorship Guide." By obtaining outside Sponsors, you may be able to enter this Pageant at little or no cost to yourself or your family.  Our book shares the techniques used by thousands of pageant contestants. Please read it thoroughly and feel free to call us if you have any questions. 

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