Miss American Jr. Princess
Priyanka Sukthankar

Priyanka Sukthankar

Miss American Jr. Princess 2019-20

Get to know Priyanka

Hometown:    Miami Beach, Florida

Age:                  7

Height:            3'10"

This pretty little sweet pea is none other than, Priyanka Sukthankar, Miss American Jr. Princess.  Although she's only six, Priyanka is already a big fan of fancy "girlie girl" princess style dresses, nail polish and hair accessories. Her favorite color is pink and her favorite hobby is drawing. She has taken ballet lessons for three years and has been an avid swimmer for two years.  Priyanka also loves traveling, going to the library on Saturdays and learning new things.  Her home on Miami Beach is surrounded by sand, sun and water -- so anyday that she gets to hang out at the beach with her friends is a good day. 

Photography:  MTorres

For pageant appearances: Betty.Davis@americanteenpageants.com

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